Hill Mist Stay

Hillmist Home Stay Dandeli is situated 3km away from city in IPM Dandeli. This homestay is at hill surrounded with green tall trees which gives it a natural look and also some fresh air to breath. The location at which homestay is situated is good for jungle trekking activity. The amenities provided by this stay are good and satisfying. Although it is a homestay, it provided all the facilities according to the requirements.The accommodation provided by Jungle Hillmist Home Stay Dandeli is good and enjoyable. They can be afforded by families, individuals or even couples thus making them convenient to each customer. The homestay offer private single rooms to double bedrooms with excellent facilities that include a fully furnished room and bathroom. When it comes to food the cuisine are amazing from muglai dishes to the desert cuisine of north, the mouth watering dishes of south is just unforgettable and thrilling experience of this stay. This dandeli homestay is situated in IPM forest 3 km from dandeli, which is well connected by road..


Whitewater rafting
River crossing
Jacuzzi Bath
Coracle Ride
Sight Seeing
Jeep Safari and Night Camping.

Spots around the resort

Vantage Point to view Supa Dam
Crocodile viewing on River Kali
Syntheri Rocks
Kavala Caves
Coconut and Banana plantations
Skyes Point

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